Ancient Nutra’s journey began back in 2014 with the first batch being hand produced utilizing the very basic machinery. The main objective of Ancient Nutra  is to promote health, wellness & longevity. We offer multiple solutions to customers, to lead a healthy lifestyle. Each product has a multitude of benefits, hence we pride ourselves in providing total solutions for our customers.

Transforming ancient remedies for modern consumption is the essence of Ancient Nutra. The brand was built around our signature line of herbal capsules. Today, the company has a diverse product range, comprising of organic herbal supplements, premium herbal extracts, herbal powders and natural cosmetics. All our products are created from natural ingredients and herbs organically grown in Sri Lankan soil. Our goal is to make Ancient Nutra lifestyle brand where we have something for everyone!

Brand Story 

Ancient Nutra's journey began back in the 2014 when a young entrepreneur came up with the bright idea of reviving ancient remedies from natural spices and herbs grown in Sri Lankan soil using modern methods, to provide natural life changing solutions. The brand was built around a signature line of herbal capsules. Today, the company has a diverse product range comprising of herbal supplements, herbal extracts, natural cosmetics and vegan food and beverage products.

Focusing on the greater good of the community, Ancient Nutra strives to fulfill its purpose, ‘Save Lives’.

Our Purpose

Ancient Nutra focuses on the greater good of the community. Given that, Sri Lanka has an abundance of valuable natural resources, we utilize these resources to give life changing solutions to our customers and in the process uplift the livelihood of the rural communities by creating job opportunities. Hence, we strive to fulfill our purpose, ‘Save Lives’.

Why AN?

  • Ancient Nutraceuticals’ products are sourced from Sri Lankan soil untreated with chemicals.
  • Ancient Nutraceuticals’ capsules have been manufactured in an easy-to-consume manner, which can easily incorporated into the daily lives of our customers.
  • Our processed product is certified by USDA Organic, EU Organic, NASAA Organic and processed in an ISO 22000 certified factory.
  • Our Organic Ceylon Cinnamon has been produced with high focus on purity, which is the precursor to our quality; which we believe is unmatched.
  • We bring you the health secrets from ancient eras of human civilization which catalyzed their health, wellness and longevity.
  • The products are sourced from Small scale growers. This ensures that these small scale farmers get the highest possible price for their yield and supports their livelihood.