Refreshing coconut and orange juice 🌴 🥥

Refreshing coconut and orange juice 🌴 🥥

Coconut water is simply delicious, contains electrolytes, and is a natural hydration drink that is great for any time of the day. In recent years coconut water has gained popularity and some circles used it as a sports drink. In South Asian countries, we believe the coconut tree has 33 uses as such we put nothing to waste.

According to coconut water contains antioxidant properties, benefits against diabetes, helps prevent kidney stones, promotes heart health, reduces blood pressure, and many more. Read more about coconut water benefits as

This nature's gift can be enjoyed in many ways, to make smoothies, refreshing beverages can be used as a natural sweetener in some recipes, or enjoy as it is. Oh did I mention coconut water is used in some cocktails? This recipe I'm sharing today is a refreshing beverage made using organic coconut water combined with a local orange. This coconut water is provided by Ancient Nutraceuticals @ancientnutra and these are organic and locally sourced and they also have a wide range of more healthy and organic products. Do check them out!.

▪️ 02 1/2 cup of cold coconut water
▪️1/2 cup of orange juice - local oranges
▪️1/2 tsp of salt
▪️Few ice cubes
▪️Mint leaves
▪️Lime slices


▪️Mix coconut water, orange juice, and salt in a pitcher

▪️Add ice cubes, lime or lemon slices and pour the juice into 02 glasses,

▪️ Garnish with mint, throw in some ice and enjoy.

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Refreshing coconut and orange juice with Ancient Nutra Coconut WaterRefreshing coconut and orange juice using Ancient Nutra Coconut Water

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