Enjoy Valentine as a “Single”

Enjoy Valentine as a “Single”

This time of year can be so frustrating as a single, even if you didn’t even have any doubts before, February can make you feel lonely, we know! With all the posting about valentine giveaways for couples and oh my partner got me this for Vday and oh my partner surprised me for Vday. Before thinking of punching a hole in the wall, maybe we can help you ease the frustration.

This year we thought of celebrating Singles on Valentines day ! Yes no ones being left out on feb 14th! Not on our watch! While everyone is boasting about what their significant other did for them we’ll be by your side doing all those and more to the person that’s been with you through all, YOU!

We came up with 7 ways to let that self love feeling sink in on february and keep practicing all year long. No more excuses because loving yourself is the mightiest gift you can give yourself.

Let’s begin,

01.Try new recipes
Baking, Cooking can be a way of self expression. Baking isn’t just about following a recipe. It’s also about experiencing the recipe with all five senses.Mindfulness—we’ve all heard the word. Mindfulness is, simply put, being focused and aware of what you are sensing, feeling, and doing. As an exercise, mindfulness has been found to reduce stress and improve happiness. And, in our opinion, baking is the perfect practice in mindfulness. It requires close attention when measuring, handling dough, taste testing, and following a recipe. Because of the focus required, this can help ease feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, and more; instead of being caught in an unhealthy mental loop, you’re focusing on what’s right in front of you.

02. Skin care activities
Self-love begins with good skin care. It’s not just about buying expensive brands and crying over spilled money. Skin care for self love is finding out what calms your skin and sticking to it ‘for yourself’. For getting up everyday and washing your face properly with care, Using a exfoliant to clean your pores, doing a good oil massage once a week and having your nighttime skin routine be part of your work schedule for the day and making sure in your busy work life you put aside time for ‘your’ skin for the sake of ‘yourself’.

03.Yoga and exercises
Self-care isn’t always easy to initiate, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. When we put our well-being first, we become healthier people who enjoy their lives even more than before. We all deserve to live happy, healthy lives, and we must remember that we are worthy and deserving of a bit of self-care time every day. Yoga is an excellent option to fulfill many, if not all, of your needs for care and wellbeing.

3 physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Improved mental health – Yoga is associated with a reduction in anxiety, depression and overall stress levels. No wonder so many women are flocking to this invigorating and restorative practice!
  • Increased strength and balance – Yoga is considered bodyweight training because many poses require lifting weight—your own. Increased strength and balance means you’re less likely to fall and injure yourself—on or off the yoga mat.
  • Better sleep – Harvard Health reports that yoga practitioners experience improved sleep. Yoga can even help manage chronic insomnia.

How to practice yoga for self-care: 5 steps
Step 1 – Reflect on your needs
Step 2 – Set an intention of self-care
Step 3 – Plan ahead
Step 4 – Start small
Step 5 – Assess how you’re caring for yourself

04.Night out/ day out with friends
As much as I love treating myself to a spa day, sometimes it’s not in my budget. But you don’t need access to a spa to receive the nourishment you need. Spending time outdoors is a great way to relax and feel refreshed. Whenever I look up at the sky and take in the nature all around us, I am reminded that we are all connected to and supported by mother earth.
And if your excuse is nothing is fun when you’re doing it alone, call up a friend and catch up on all the gossip! We promise you it’ll be worth it.

05.Give small gifts to your loved ones
Gifting Isn’t just for lovers. Gifting can be a way of showing appreciation for the people that have been in your life through all the ups and downs, a way of saying thankyou for being there. Gifting can be a way you make someone's day when they’re having a bad one. So choose to be that Daughter/ Friend/ Sibling/ Neighbor that puts a smile on one person's face today. One simple note, one single rose, one single complement is all it takes.

06.unplug social media for a day
I’m sure you have a ‘Can’t with can’t without’ relationship with social media right now. Seeing all the ‘perfect’ people living their ‘perfect’ lives and ‘smiling’. You don’t have to be a bad person to feel like you want what they have. It can be depressing sometimes on a hard day at work/school. But have you tried the ‘can’t without’ in practice yet ? Maybe it’s high time you let pretty pictures doubt your life and you as a person. Maybe It’s time you start doing all those things you’ve been putting back to doing after a ‘quick youtube video' .We've all been there.

Just one day, no social media, no youtube reels, no endless hours on tiktok, just YOU. everything about YOU. self care and self improvement, or just a little stroll down to your favorite place. Just make it about YOU is all we ask.

07.Practice meditation
Meditation is the practice of focused concentration. It can actually address any type of stress whether it be positive or negative. And it can also be used as a time to focus on ‘you’, and your wellbeing. To have a scheduled time of day to sit down and concentrate on what you want out of life for you, and how to manifest the things you want in your life.

The more content you are with yourself the easier it is to fall in love with the person standing in front of the mirror.

Having a partner in life can be Amazing having a hand to hold on to, having a warm body to sleep next to. But, there comes a time for everyone where we only have ourselves. And practicing self care and self love now, whoever comes and goes from your life you’ll always have a person that loves you. YOURSELF !

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