Can't start the day without a warm cuppa? 😋

Can't start the day without a warm cuppa? 😋

I’m a die hard tea fan who cannot start the day without a warm cuppa! I’ve always enjoyed my tea with milk and of course sugar 😎 and occasional flavored tea. But.. my oh my @ancientnutra opened up a whole new tea world to me with their ‘Chai Mix Powder’ and got me hooked into it with just one try!


Try this recipe and see it for yourself!

Boil two teaspoons of @ancientnutra chai mix into a cup of water. Let it boil, add a bag of English breakfast tea and boil for another minute. Reduce the heat and add half a cup of milk. Simmer for a minute or two and enjoy while it’s hot!

The spices will click your tastebuds and give you the energy you most wanted!

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