Roasted Date Seed Powder 50g

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 A healthy coffee substitute you never knew you needed!

Ancient Nutraceuticals Date Seed Powder has an impressive nutritional profile. It is a good source of antioxidants and dietary fiber, thereby it can effectively treat gastrointestinal issues. The powder also contains natural insulin production properties to regulate blood sugar levels.

Date seeds powder has several amazing medicinal properties. It helps to prevent kidney and liver against toxicity or damage, useful in diabetes, rich in antioxidants, prevents DNA damage, and helps to fight various viral infections.


Can be used as a substitute for coffee, it's non-acidic, gluten-free, a natural energy boost, and nutritional yet caffeine-free.

Can also be used as an additive for a coffee

You can add it to warm water and consume spread it on your bread or cakes baking

Other benefits include regulating blood sugar level